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When was Jake’s established?

Jakes opened as JD Rothschild in 1999. We changed the name to Jake’s a year later because Jake’s is just easier to remember and spell and our frequent guests called it that anyway.

Is there really a Jake?

There most certainly is! Jake is in the store frequently and is always looking for more ways to make retail and wholesale customers happy. He also oversees the vision of the company and the marketing for the brand.

Where do you get the ideas for your flavors?

We started with eight flavors. Since then, most of the ideas come from our guests—like Nutter Nanner Elvis, Breakfast in Bed and Mexican Hot Chocolate. Food critics and fans alike say the flavors are what create a cult-like following for Jake’s Ice Cream.

What are Jake’s plans for growth?

Jake’s has changed its business strategy to be more competitive in the marketplace, focusing on making sure we are in the best locations. We are creating partnerships with other businesses, such as restaurants and other establishments, in order to bring Jake’s Ice Creams to more people. What will never change is that Jake’s will always strive to be the best ice cream you have ever experienced.

What is so great about Jake’s Ice Cream?

Jake’s uses the freshest ingredients possible for an all-natural, wholesome product with no preservatives or additives. Where most ice cream companies add volume by adding air into the ice cream, Jake’s believes its 18 percent butterfat content—the highest you’ll find in any ice cream—results in a superior tasting product that is more satisfying. And, most important to our customers, you won’t find flavors like ours anywhere else.

And maybe just as important Jake’s cares deeply about the community.  We are invested in its well being and support some very worthy causes including The Giving Kitchen, Georgia Conservancy and Project Hope.